I will make a new story page!

This will show my stories that I will make! I will only post one chapter at a time, though, for stories I didn’t finish yet. Also, you can post your own stories in the ‘Your Stories’ area!


The Service Interaction!

I just had my service interaction yesterday and it was great! I got to make friends with a disabled person. I had lots of fun with him and we even played games with him, like wheelchair racing and basketball on a wheelchair! It was a great experience to make friends with him. In the end, I learned that being disabled means doesn’t mean that you can’t do things other people can do, because my partner can do things that even I can’t do. So, I hope you have the chance to have an exciting experience like this one and learn things that you didn’t ┬álearn before!


A-Day is just around the corner, so you better make your teacher proud! For those who don’t know what A-Day is, I’ll tell you: It is a special day in which you show your appreciation for you hardworking and great teachers. So you should say thank you to your teacher and be (or at least try to be!) behaved in class so you can make your teacher glad! Happy A-Day Teachers!

Mooncake Festival

Hello! This time of year is the mooncake festival and I hope you will enjoy this festival because it only happens once a year! Let us celebrate this great chinese celebration by eating mooncakes with our family. I wish you a happy mooncake festival! Try eating mooncakes, too if you haven’t tried it yet (but don’t eat too much!).